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Top WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2019

WordPress for beginners. How I started helping people with WordPress Themes and Premium Plugins online in 2006 and where you can still do it in 2019.


Items Sold since 2006.


In “Community Earnings”

The Next Web gives an Envato Review

“If you’re a designer, developer, musician or artist; Envato has developed the type of community even Apple would be proud of.”

– The Next Web

My stock files have been downloaded over 6,429 times, earning over 1,300 user ratings of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars since 2007 on the Envato Marketplace.

WordPress for beginners. How I started helping people with WordPress Themes and Premium Plugins online in 2006 and where you can still do it in 2019.Remember that old Apple slogan, “There’s an App for that.” Of course you do. Well, over at, there’s a WP Theme for that.” Over at, there’s a WordPress plugin for that. I joined the Envato Marketplace ( Formerly ) back in July of 2007 selling an Adobe Flash based Shopping Cart. Since then, my little files have been downloaded over 6,400 times despite the fact that my work is nominal at best. One class at Community College in Audio Engineering led to the now 283 music instrumentals people listen to, purchase and download from my portfolio. I am thankful to still be a part of the Envato Community earning a bit from years of hard work in the past building a portfolio. Many trends including design tastes for websites come and go so it is nice to have some work that still sells years later. Almost all of the audio instrumentals I created and published there have no words on them so despite the not so amazing or paramount sounds, it is harder for them to go out of style so to speak.

I also learned a bit about earning Affiliate income back when they offered their referral program.

Back when they first launched their Affiliate Program, I created blog posts with links to the best selling files on what started as I started earning a bit more income by spreading the word of mouse as I refer to it. I don’t know that I coined that phrase, but I like it. If you are a Web Designer, Developer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Internet Marketer, Tech Blogger, you could simply create a free affiliate account with Envato. Post your links and banners and see what happens. Hard work pays off, and believe me when I write that getting your affiliate links and banner ads in front of the targeted market is hard work. Simple, but time consuming and quite worth it.

The Best WP Themes, Plugins and…

You’ll find Envato’s marketplace sites have way more than just WordPress Themes & Plugins too. You can go to their Graphic Design marketplace site, where you’ll find thousands of creative graphic assets such as these:

  • Photoshop / PSD Site Templates
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • PSD Brushes
  • Vector files
  • Banner graphics
  • Infographic Templates

Stock Photos, Video, 3D and Audio files?

Got stock video footage? Head on over to, where you’ll find thousands of stock Video Files that come in .mp4, .mov and Adobe After FX Templates. Need a rendering? Visit for files like Cinema 4D and all your rendering needs. Trolling the internet for that perfect stock photo? has loads of them. Browse thousand of stock photography files. Finally, check out if you need stock audio files like background music, instrument loops or soundtrack scores. You might even find the perfect theme music to play when you enter a room on your smartphone. I personally composed and have around 275 audio instrumentals on my profile you can listen to by clicking here.

Work at Envato? is the corporate website and they are actively hiring talented an array of different positions. The company is based in Melbourne Australia. and has grown from to Envato similar to how FlashDen became ActiveDen years ago and now to the Envato Marketplace that offers way more than just Themes and Plugins.

Is Envato the best place for WP Themes & Plugins?

If you are looking for the best WordPress Themes and WP Plugins on the market today, Envato’s Marketplace sites are the place to find them. Here’s a few bullet points on just what makes the community shine:

  • Files are thoroughly tested for responsiveness on multiple devices
  • Plugin, Browser & WordPress version compatibility is shown on product pages
  • What WordPress version number files are compatible up to
  • Plugin Compatibility such as WooCommerce is displayed
  • Searchable product comments from both buyers and browsers
  • Many WP Themes and Plugin Authors have entire Support Forums
  • Authors update their Themes and Plugins frequently with new features & bug fixes
  • Themes and Plugins can be redownloaded your Profile Dashboard if needed
  • Filtering options to sort themes and plugins by best sellers, rating, newest, recently updated or by keyword

In conclusion…

It is not hard to understand why Mr. and Mrs. Collis and Cyan Tayeed along with Mr. Jun Rung continue to succeed. They created a stock Flash marketplace back in 2007 when Stock Photos were really gaining traction. As they grew the community by attracting some of the best Flash Design and Developers in the world, the earnings grew as well. Year after year they improved the website, launched new marketplaces and added more categories to the marketplaces. In conclusion folks, they do the work and so do the Authors that help the community thrive.

The featured image for this post and in the sidebar are by a very talented graphic designer whose profile and portfolio you can view and purchase files from here: Kotulsky won the image turned animated gif in a contest Envato had back around September of 2015 to redesign their server downtime page. Check out all the other entries here: